Did You Know This About Carob?

The word carob was actually used in Egyptian hieroglyphs to mean sweet.

It gum like qualities was used as a binding adhesive for mummies.

It gum like qualities are priced in the manufacturing of ice creams and listed on the ingredient list as locust bean.

In the Middle East, the seeds were used as one of the first units of measurement referred to as carats. The system was eventually standardized and one carat was fixed at .2 grams.  In Roman times the pure gold coin weighed 24 carob seeds, as a result the carat also became a measure of purity for gold. 24 carats meant 100% pure. 

Carob is also known as “St. John’s Bread” according to the  gospel of Matthew,  John the Baptist subsisted on “locust and wild honey” during his time in the wilderness.

Carob is considered a legume